Grand Ballroom, April 26th, 2017 Fundraiser Event canceled. New Date TBA

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Friday, April 28th, Innovations High School will hold a school assembly to host the 1st Annul Corvus Humphries Poetry Competition. 2 winners will be chosen whose words best exemplifies Corvus 'Chrono' Humphries life. Students will read poetry,to raise up awareness for the non-violent causes and passions that he loved and believed in.

Chrono Left Us Too Soon, Oct. 2nd, 2016, But He Lives On Through All Of Us!


Chrono's Brief Life Was Not In Vain
He Made Every Second Mean Something

Corvus Chrono Humphries instinctively understood the relation between Time and Artistry. A Martial Artist, Graphic Artist, Poet Artist, Rap Artist and Peace Artist, Chrono lived a very active life as a Master of Time . Corvus Humpries Foundation is represented by the these 2 Projects, Poetry Scholarship Fund and The Chicago Remembrance Directory

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Chicago 2016
Way Too Many Murders

Chicagoans experienced a really violent, murderous year in 2016. Another year of unacceptable losses.As a city we lost mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters far too many times. Over and over the senseless deadly violence repeated itself, we who are left behind have almost become numb to a horrible way for citizens to live. Let us work together and keep the names and faces of the ones gone and the surviving grieving families.

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Keep The Date
Wed, Aprilr. 26, 2017

Chrono was about Respect, Love and Peace, and this Event at the Grand Ballroom on 63rd and Cottage Grove, in Chicago , Il., reflect those same values. Kendall Bryant and Revahh will perform, Nico Jordan, Leslie Williams, Allan H. and others will read a few words. Lamont Watts is the DJ and host. IMG Records and Minneapolis Hip Hop artists will also participate.

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